Pemba Serves, that’s P-E-M-B-A…

I mean, it was only a matter of time. Blogging is finally becoming cool enough for us to try our hand at it. Well.. maybe not cool per say, but it’s starting to shake that whole political-junkie cyber-geek thing. That, and we have a lot of really important facts to convey to the world. Such as:

Important fact number one: Pemba? WTF is up with that name? Short answer: Brad’s sherpa on Everest. I think they were in love. Brad is the boss so he makes these calls. Long answer: check back later for Brad’s inevitable counter-post.

Important fact number two: we have the distinct pleasure of representing kickass companies in the outdoor biz. They all rock. (You’ve heard of most of them.) It makes my job easy. Well, comparatively easy. I still have to work. How can you become a rep, you ask? Brad will be happy to tell you all about it in his copious free time (

Important fact number three: you’ll have to check back later. We can’t blow them all in one post.

3 responses to “Pemba Serves, that’s P-E-M-B-A…

  1. i think i met pete in a clinic. is the blue filter for the petzl tikka xp really for mood-lighting? or was that just a line? is he single?

  2. He used that line on you, I thought that I was the only one that fell for that.

  3. Baby, we all fell for it. How many others? How many others?