Yes, I know it’s not a word. My wife is always telling me to say “more fun,” instead. I can’t help it: “Funner” is just more fun to say. So I wanted to report that I took the second CX ride of my life with Pete today. It was way more fun than the ride I took by myself the other day. We went out for about 45 minutes over lunch, and didn’t do a single errand. Two pieces of good news:

1) We went onto an actual trail, and I did not break my neck.
2) It was cold out today, and I managed to stay warm without putting on everything I own. This means I can ride in even worse conditions.

I’ve never been an off-road cyclist, so I definitely need to gain both skills and some guts as well.

(There’s a funner way to say say this that’s also probably more realistic, but gender is a construct and we’re a family-friendly, politically-correct blog.)

Now, go play.

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