Good Temps

So the good climbing temps are here. The Weather Channel forecast says around 50 degrees for both days this weekend. The rock hurts a little bit more but you tend to stick to previously unholdable grips.

This sequence is a couple of shots of my roommate, Steve, on Gill’s Nose at Devils Lake. We had to chase the sun to make sure the climb was in the shade before we gave it a few goes. A few minutes after this Therese was able to do all the moves on this undisputed classic.

This window of good temps normally doesn’t last too long. Just enough for us all to get our fix and then…BAM, it’s 8 degrees and snowy. Like a pile of bricks we’re relegated to gyms and hangboards.

So here’s to hoping that this nice little window of weather lasts longer than we all think possible. And if that’s not the case, here’s to home walls….

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