Milwaukee Double Cross – Race Report

Two days of cyclocross in Milwaukee this weekend.

Saturday’s race was hosted by Team Polska at Kletsch Park. A pretty technical course with short BMX sections and one of the biggest hills yet this season. Challenging, and with lots to keep it interesting – like not busting it into a tree at the hairpin turn at the bottom of this descent…

(That’s me running at the bottom – I got both these guys. I think my biking is finally starting to catch up to my running..)

Fortunately, daylight savings afforded an extra hour of recovery for Sunday’s race at Estabrook Park. Flatter and faster, we were graced with morning showers to keep racers on their toes. With substantially more road and hardpack dirt than Kletsch, we could all-out crank for about half the course. Thanks to the rain, and grass, and leaves, the other half was sprint-brake-180 degree turn-sprint-brake-dismount-run-sprint… you get the idea. A dramatically different course from Saturday, and great to have back-to-back.

In other news, thanks to Cloudveil for the new jersey debuted this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get Brad on a bike before the end of the race season and we can start fielding the CV Midwest Amateur team.

Cloudveil and Pemba Serves are sponsoring next week’s race in Stoughton – details at “Stoughton Viking Cross” is also the Wisconsin Singlespeed Cyclocross Championship race, so time finally give that a go… look for an update next week.

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