Today’s Economic Snapshot

Here’s a little snippet from today’s paper:

75% of Dane County residents commute to work by driving alone in their vehicle.

Another 10% either walk or take public transportation.

Only 9% car-pool.

2% ride bicycles.

The remainder either work at home, or find some other way to get to work.

Dane County is basically Madison and the surrounding suburbs. Madison has more miles of bike paths per capita than almost any city in the country. We have an efficient and well-used bus system. We have decent road arteries that allow traffic to move rather quickly from place to place, so nowhere is really “out of the way” from anywhere else.

These statistics put some things into perspective. 75% drive alone, commuting to and from work? Madison is known to be a “green” city. If we lead the nation, the nation has a long way to go.

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