Curling – You Know, Shuffleboard On Ice…

Yes, that thing with the brooms and the stones. You know what I’m talking about. That Olympic sport that no one knows anything about. Well, here you go.

After being king grief giver when my roommate started curling last year, I was somehow lured into signing up for the club this year. Maybe it was the allure of trying something new or maybe it was absurdity of the whole thing. Good chance it was the free beer.

Madison is home to a world class curling facility. Full kitchen, free popcorn, a lounge area, three beers on tap and 6 sheets of ice. I was genuinely impressed the first time I walked in there. Nice and clean, well kept and nicely set up.

As for the Curling itself – well – it’s hard. There are four people per team and each person throws two stones a piece. Two other team members sweep the stone to keep it going in the right direction or to make it go further. Sweeping can be incredibly intense and sliding out to throw the stone is brutally hard. It blew me away how much technique is required during the slide.

We took our climbing buddy, RV, out to the club last Sunday. Steve and I have decided that climbers make great curlers since a lot of the skill you need comes down to muscle memory. It was fun to teach someone a few things and hopefully he’ll join us next year.

I think what’s been fun about the whole thing has been learning something completely new. I’ve relished being the newbie to something like this. Every time I go I learn about eight new things. It’s also kind of an absurd little sport.

So next time you see me be sure to give me some grief for it and I’ll try to get you over to the club to try it.

2 responses to “Curling – You Know, Shuffleboard On Ice…

  1. Yous guys come on up to Northern Minnesoda and we’ll show you some curling. Den, I take yous up to Tunder Bay and dem guys will show us all a ding or two.

  2. avatar Steve Schultz

    I was gonna try to top your “youper” talk but it was just so good. I just can’t beat it. Well played.