Da Triple Crown

Climbing competitions have always been hit or miss for me. Rarely do I climb well during them. I always seem to get caught up climbing something at my limit that’s really cool looking. Inherently, this is really poor form for a competition format. Especially for someone with little to no endurance.

I made the trek down to Chattanooga for the final leg of the Triple Crown a week ago. Therese and I had also gone down for the second leg at Horsepens 40. Both of us had a rough go at that comp and we were hoping for better at Little Rock City.

First off, the climbing at Little Rock City is phenomenal!! We both loved all of the variety we had there. The day started out well with Therese climbing multiple V3’s early on and flashing her first V4. Before this trip she’d done one V3 and no V4’s so she pretty much killed it, no matter what she says. Therese ended the day with 6 V3’s and 2 V4’s. Well done!

Therese on Bum Boy at Horsepens(V2-V5 depending on who you talk to)

I on the other hand got sucked in to trying a pretty cool looking V7 right away. I had some self control though and left it after about 10 goes and some lost skin. I went over and climbed a four and a five in a couple goes each and set to work on a really cool V6 called “The Wave”. A couple of slaps up a good arete gets you to a thought provoking slap to a good nubbin. After beaching my way up the topout I went looking for more rock.

Later in the afternoon I walked past a short and powerful looking V7. It looked like my style so I thought I’d give it a few goes. After not being able to pull off the start hold at first I got used to the move: A throw off a miserable crimp to a mediocre sloper. The crimp was starting to dig into my left pointer finger and I was really far away from the next move so it was looking a bit grim. After getting a key piece of foot beta I made a lucky stab with my left foot and stuck the next long move with a couple of grunts. Slab it out a couple of moves and call it good!

Unfortunately my fingertip was bleeding when I got down so I called it a day. It felt good to climb some of that stuff in a day. I’m so used to projecting climbs and taking multiple days to do something that is at my limit. It’s always nice to just go out and climb a bunch of problems.

Hopefully next year I’ll step up to the plate and actually fill my scorecard.

Me on Slushy Puppy Low this past spring.

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