"You’ll Put Your Eye Out!"

That’s the refrain of just about everybody in the nouveau classic Christmas movie,”A Christmas Story.” We’ve all seen it: The young hero Ralphie more than anything wants a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. Of course, everybody (including – memorably – Santa Claus) conspires against him in this. The constant opposition – “You’ll put your eye out!” – is a flat-out downer for Ralphie’s Christmas plans, and for his self-image as well. In his mind, his whole future depends on having that Red Rider BB Gun. Of course, in the end he gets it, and he also almost puts his eye out, too.

We here at Pemba Serves are all about having fun, and about getting – and doing – what you want. But we’re all about being real, too. For every action there are consequences, and in some of our choices – in recreation and in living – these can be serious. There’s a serious issue in the world today, and while we’re having fun we need to be mindful of this as well. In a nutshell, the ice in the Arctic is melting. This story is quickly going from being esoteric science to sensational headlines. Still, all signs point to the fact that human activities and habits are a major contributor to this problem.

In the next several months, we’ll announce some initiatives that at their core are designed to address this issue. In short, we want to do a better job at what we do, and we want to be greener about it, too. We’ll need your help to make this new approach viable, but we can count on that, right?

There’s a new frontier, and by exploring it we hope to save what’s left of the old one.

Stay tuned…

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