2008 Goals

I decided to write down a list of my 2008 climbing goals and put them in our blog. I’ve seen it done a few places and people seem to think it helps them reach their goals a bit easier. Figure I’ll give it a test run too and see if it helps keep me in check. Hopefully as I tick them off I’ll blog about them here.

  1. Sex and Chocolate – V7 – Devil’s Lake – Slopers on Quarzite. Really confusing.
  2. Sex and Chocolate Direct – V? – Devil’s Lake – Undone Highball Project. Proud.
  3. Bulbous Left Center – V8 – Devil’s Lake.
  4. Bulbous Right – V? – Devil’s Lake – Possible project shooting out the right side of the roof.
  5. Beautiful Soup – V8 – Devil’s Lake.
  6. Alpine Club – Sandbag V9 – Devil’s Lake – I just keep telling myself it’s just two moves….
  7. The Keymaker – V10/11??? – Devil’s Lake – Still awaiting a second ascent.
  8. Smooth Operator/Bud White – V4/6 – Devil’s Lake – Great highball line over a horrible landing.
  9. Sandstone Violence – V8? – Governor Dodge – Gotta get my revenge. Almost broke my arm on it last year. Still needs a second ascent, I think.
  10. The Godfather – V5? – Governor Dodge – Super super classic.
  11. Body Karate – V9 – Jackson Falls – Squeeze!!!
  12. Jungle Book – V8 – Holies – So classic looking.
  13. Instinct/Sit – V7/10 – Little Rock City – Some climbs just make you sweat when you see them. So pretty.
  1. Sometimes Crack – 10 – Devil’s Lake – Just need to do this one.
  2. Bagatelle – 12c – Devil’s Lake – Not sure if I’ve been on a more sustained route with such poor feet.
  3. Cheap Thrills – 12b – Devil’s Lake – Just need one more day.
  4. Rubberman – 13a – Devil’s Lake
  5. Ice – 13a – Devil’s Lake – Gotta get my crimp going for this one. So thin!!!
  6. Ice into Acid Direct Project – Devil’s Lake – There might be some way to link this thing up. Hard! 13a into 12b/c into 12a.
  7. Secret Agent Man – 13a – Governor Dodge – I’ve got the moves dialed, just need to link it up.
  8. Whiskey-A-Go-Go – 13a – Necedah – Apparently the best sport climb in the Midwest.
I’m sure there are more but that seems like a mighty good list for the year. We’ll see if I can do even some of them.

3 responses to “2008 Goals

  1. Very nice list Steve, looks a lot like my wish list. If only I were climbing.

    Keep in touch when it gets warmer. If nothing else I’d love to come tag along to take some pictures and hang out.

    I would be interested in hearing more about this Smooth operator problem as well.

  2. We’ll definitely get together soon. I’m keeping my eye on the weather and waiting for the first near 40 degree day.

    You’ll love Smooth Operator. Todd put up the FA of the sit start, Bud White.

  3. Cool. I have off one day of the work week that is usually free as well. Keep in touch.