Da Jelly Bean

Every year tends to have one or two high points for me. Whether that’s a certain climb I did, or a trip I took there is normally something that sticks in my mind as just plain cool. Last year was no exception. I saw possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Something I had no clue even existed. Something so neat and incredible that I’m sure I will be talking about it for years. Drumroll please………….

Yes, it was a giant Jelly Bean. A giant jelly bean shaped mirror. I know what you’re thinking. It’s a jelly bean Steve, what’s so cool about that?? I can’t really explain it, it’s really just plain cool.

So here’s the back story on my little jelly bean foray. A friend and I were on our way out to Park City to “shred the gnar” as some might say. We had to drive down to Chicago at 3 AM to catch our flight out of Midway. When we arrived at the airport though we found that we’d been bumped off of our flight. After a bit of wrangling we got a later flight going out around 3 in the afternoon.

So there we are in Midway Airport, Therese running on about 3 hours of sleep and me running on a solid hour. What do we do? We decide to go to Michigan Avenue for the rest of the morning. Once we get there Therese starts telling me about this “giant jelly bean”. I scoff a little bit and make fun of her for wanting to go see a jelly bean and then we start shuffling down the street in a search of a “huge jelly bean”.

Lo and behold, the second we arrived I’m acting all stupid from amazement. This thing is downright incredible!! I was almost dumbfounded that I hadn’t heard of it before! We probably spent the better part of an hour just walking around and taking pictures. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it! I was completely blown away.

Like I said earlier, I really can’t explain it that well but it was pretty darn cool. If you get the chance make sure you check it out.

Here are a couple more pictures from our little outing.

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