I just got back from a snowriding trip to glorious Utah and I’m officially sad. It’s raining outside here in Madison and our snow is melting away quickly. We had good snow, luckily, and even better weather on our trip. Some might go as far as saying we “shredded the gnar”. It had been a while since my trip to Brighton a few years back and was my first time in Park City. Pretty cool town with some massive resorts.

The backcountry access, much like Brighton, looked incredible. Wish I had more time. I often get a bit more of an inclination to move back to a mountain town after coming back home from one. It never seems to fail. In all honesty, I’ll probably end up out that way again and inevitably I’ll miss home while I’m out there. I mostly miss the cheese.

I was reminded by a good friend the other week that “the grass is always greener”. I like that saying.

I’ll be sure to post up some pictures soon. I’ll even put in a couple of my trip highlight, the 40 foot tall jelly bean in Chicago. I was pretty amazed.

4 responses to “Yoootaww

  1. avatar About canoelover...

    It’s “Yew-Tah” dude. Not Yoooooootawwwww. That’s Yooper. ;-)

  2. avatar Steve Schultz

    You’re probably right there. Although I am a curler now, so who really knows.

  3. I gotta try that curling thing…what a hoot. Seems a shame to live in Wisconsin and not doing things involving ice.

  4. avatar Steve Schultz

    Just let me know if you ever want to head down there. We’ll try to get Brad over there too then.