“February was so long that it lasted until March.”

Dar Williams, another lyricist for any occasion, in “February.” 

Last night while driving to pick up my eldest daughter from dance, I realized that my car’s tires had not directly touched asphalt in over a month.  The same is true of the soles of my shoes.  As a matter of fact, the last time I walked on a paved road for any distance I was wearing snowshoes, and was glad to have them.  Madison got another couple inches of snow yesterday, and we’re expecting four to eight more on Sunday.  

This is not a complaint; it’s just an observation.  That, and March is coming.  I swear it is.

One response to “February

  1. If March doesn’t come soon, I’ll be needing another line of credit. :-)

    We need to break out the CX bikes soon… DB