Follow-Up Questions

Okay, two quick follow-up questions to earlier posts:

1) My four-year-old came home from pre-school the other day and asked for new shoes.  She said she needed Skechers, and then proceeded to spell it, just in case we didn’t know what they were:  “S – K – E -…”  Branding is a powerful force.  The irony is that I’m torn in a few ways.  First, she can actually spell “Skechers,” and that makes me proud.  (Hey, she’s only four…)  Second, she knows what Skechers are, and that turns my stomach.  Third, if she knew how to spell “Surley” and then proceeded to ask for a cross-bike, this would be a completely different post.  Is it okay for a four-year-old to be able to identify brands, as long as she’s identifying with brands that her parents believe in? Or, is brand-identification in a four-year-old just another sign of the Apocalypse?  (I swear that this brand-thing isn’t coming from her family…)

2) Apple announced today that they’re selling iPhones with double the capacity of the ones they were selling – say – just two weeks ago, for only $100 more.  I purposefully waited until after the Macworld Expo to buy mine.  Sigh.  Anybody want to buy a barely used, two-week-old iPhone?

ps:  Speaking of branding – who wants to bet that Skechers appear on our Google ads?  We’re really trying to get only adventure travel ads, but we’ve ended up with some strange ones, lately.  Our apologies…

One response to “Follow-Up Questions

  1. Well lo and behold – no Skechers ads yet, but there’s Apple! Whatdyaknow?