Low Blog-Esteem

The build-up to my first blog post has come to an end!

I must admit that the combination of being over-inundated with taunts from my fellow teammates to blog and my inability to take the time to put the whirlwind of thoughts that is my brain down on paper has created quite a “situation.”  

Unlike some of my teammates here, I have a very short list of noteworthy accomplishments.  I have never “climbed hard” (Scott, Steve, Brad) unless you consider a 5th grade visit to Devil’s Lake with the soccer team. I don’t pick up and excel at an average of one new athletic endeavor a month (Pete).  I hope to at least come down to watch the Ironman this year (Brad), and I don’t plan to go to the Olympics for curling (Steve).  What could I possibly write about?

This all started around the time of my wedding/honeymoon in the beginning of December.  We joked many times about a “honeymoon blog” and I never took my co-workers seriously.   I mean, why would anyone want to hear how WONDERFUL two straight weeks of vacation could be during preview season?   Ever since then, it’s become this big joke around the office.  I have thought about this day in and day out:  Why can’t I just blog already?  What could this feeling be? 

I have diagnosed myself with a case of low blog-esteem.  

I have not written more than a thank you note or thousands of emails since I graduated from college years ago.  I could spend hours blogging about my first year in Madison: The complexities of first-time home buying, sinking my first boat to “long term degradation” (thanks to my insurance for this new vocabulary word), or how much damage a raccoon the size of a small bear can do to the front of a Camry, but that all sounds so depressing (though it’s become hilarious).  

The truth is, I have my health, a great work environment, my first half marathon under my belt, and generally a very positive outlook on life.  It’s time to blog!   Here I am people.  I am officially a “blogger” and it feels good.   

Now will you guys leave me alone? :)  

2 responses to “Low Blog-Esteem

  1. avatar bouldersshoulders

    It’s nice to hear the voice behind the – at one time – only lady in the office. Blog On, Janice!

  2. Well done Janice, what a weight lifted to send those first words off into the world. Fly, little words, fly! I think we should go slalom it up at the local hills, and give you your next entry!