Frank’s A Cake Now

So those of you who climb with me know that my chalkbag has a name. His name is Frank and I made him in late 2004. Some call him morbid, others call him cute and adorable. Everyone has an opinion though. I love him, as any good parent should.

Yesterday a very special person baked me maybe the best cake I’ve ever seen. It was Frank. In cake form…

Needless to say, I was psyched. It had everything!! A missing head and even the offset buttons!! Plus it was double chocolate chip.

For those of you who want to know, there was a head. It was chopped off and kept separate for later enjoyment.

2 responses to “Frank’s A Cake Now

  1. avatar Pemba Serves

    BEST cake, ever!

  2. avatar Climbing Narcissist

    Sick! Happy B-Day Steve! Probably one of the best chalk bags I’ve ever seen. Sounds like a really nice cake too. Nice of that special person to hook you up.

    BTW – tried hiking to reserve yesterday but after postholing through 2 feet of snow for 15 minutes we turned back after about 300 yards.
    …Burma boulders impassable due to snow…
    …North shore roads all gated off…
    …Ended up at the East Bluff on the flatiron and tombstone – actually a really nice day out, barely any snow on that side of the lake!