Front Page, Above-The-Fold

It’s not every day that you wake-up to find your wife on the front page of the paper.  On the website, there’s a video and everything.  (Watch for bonus footage of my son John-Pio on her back, too…)  Vera is a pretty inspiring climber, and once a year she teaches a class for women age forty and over.  For all the right reasons this struck a nerve with the local editor, so there you go.

Also from a breaking-news perspective, contrary to the aisle gossip at Canoecopia this weekend Pete did in fact recover from a bad case of Irish flu.  He’s not dead yet, in any event.  Thanks for all the concern, flowers, and phone numbers.  

(By the way people, he’s got a steady; for that matter, so does my wife.)

Lastly, the revolution will not be televised, but there will most certainly be blog posts.  Watch this space…

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