If I Had A Million Dollars

Some friends of ours once took their teenagers to see Barenaked Ladies.  (Yes, I know they’re Canadian…)  Much to the kids’ disappointment – and to the relief of the parents – they didn’t actually get to see any bare-naked ladies.  (No, I’m not going to give a link for that one – just for fun, Google it on your own…)  So much for truth in advertising!

Speaking of advertising, our best former vice-president has a brand new bag. (Best?  It’s a slim list, I grant you – but name another VP who has ever done anything besides open his own museum.)  If I had a million dollars – let alone $300 Million – I would do something like he’s doing with it, for sure.

I swear I would.  Well, I would do good with at least $275 Million of it, or so.  You could still do a LOT of good with $275 Million, right?  I mean, on a percentage basis it’s not that much different, is it?

We should give him the Nobel Prize.  

Ooops.  Too late.  He’s already earned that, also.  Maybe he’d settle for a re-vote in Florida, then?  Dang – wouldn’t you know that it’s too late for that, too…

ps for the link-averse:  Al Gore is donating all the proceeds from his books, his movie An Inconvenient Truth, and from his Nobel Prize winnings to fight global warming.  All told, he’s giving away $300 Million to create awareness about the problem.  The key method – at the start – will be a series of ads that highlight the importance of this cause.  Pretty cool, huh?

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