Pete strikes the pose.

This past weekend at Canoecopia, Pete earned a new nickname. Well – truth be told – he got a couple new nicknames, but we can’t print some of them here because this is a family-friendly blog.  Still:  Meet “GQ-tucki.”  

Be sure and ask him about the blue filter that’s available for the Tikka XP, too.  “Mood lighting,” indeed…

5 responses to “Vogue

  1. Pete is sooooo dreamy.

  2. avatar pete witucki

    I hate you guys. Don’t be surprised to find your authorship privileges and ability to post comments revoked.

  3. Awwwww…..Moonbeam, blushing? We love you Ace Moonbeam!

  4. If Pete were in Zoolander, he’d create an new look called “Tikka.” Sorta like Magnum but with a little more cheekbones and stubble.

    If I had one criticism for Pete, it would be his tendency to smile too much. C’mon, Pete! Where’s the mystery? The impenetrable gaze? The 14 year-old mostly-naked emaciated Ambercrombie and Filth model draped languidly over your shoulder?

    Ace Moonbeam? No way. Pete is in the same league as Madonna, Cher, and Prince. He only needs one name.

    That name is Xavier.

  5. Xavier? How do you say that? Is it like Javier, or like saviour? I’ve heard it both ways.