Buster Martin, Our Hero

We’re inspired today because a 101-year-old man in England just finished his first marathon.  There’s a good news piece about it, so check it out if you have the chance.  Buster says that everybody should consider doing this,”Even if you’re only seventy.”  We liked the video we’ve posted here about Buster’s training routine, too.

More impressive still:  The guy drinks eight pints of beer a day, and smokes eighteen cigarettes.  His trainer decided that it would be a bad idea to ask him to stop for the marathon.  His secret to finishing this race and the half-marathon he recently completed?  His mid-race beer and cigarette break.  Really, that’s it.

I’m going to lay a bet down right here with Pete and Scott that one of us can break this record. I’ll have to think about the prize – maybe a bottle of Scotch, or a share of Apple stock – but it’ll be something that should gain value over time.  The problem is that with the age differences between us even if we all break the record – or none of us do – Pete will most likely be the one to collect.  Ah, youth…

Well, winning a bet like this is its own reward, anway.  Pete, Scott, what do you say?

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