So what’s the definition of a “classic” climb?  Everybody has different ideas and thoughts about the topic.  Who really knows?  

I’m hopefully heading up to Necedah on Saturday (if my knee decides to cooperate) specifically to try Whiskey a Go Go.  We’ll see what happens but everything I’ve heard about this route is spectacular.  If you look at the route description, out of nine people who have given it a quality rating all of them gave it a full 4-stars.

I’ve only been up to Necedah a couple of times and one time I was lucky enough to see this rig get sent.  My friend’s smile while he lowered was enough to make me want to do this climb but at the time I was light years away from being able to even think about doing the crux moves. So I never got on it.

It seems a little more doable now so I’ve got my friend Chris coming along to spew beta at me and hopefully I’ll be able to make some progress on it.  Maybe I’ll have a new definition of “classic” on Monday.

4 responses to “Classic

  1. avatar Climbing Narcissist

    uh…YES! Definitely a classic piece of stone. I expect to see some pictures!

    Just think of it as a long boulder problem and you will crush it no problem. Just remember to breathe, I forgot to do that and my lungs burned for days…

  2. avatar Steve Schultz

    Thanks Brian. I’ll let you know how it goes!! you are more than welcome to join us too!! we should have some extra people coming so i’ll try to get some pics.

  3. avatar Climbing Narcissist

    I would be interested in doing that and getting some photos. There has been some talk of going to the lake though so i’ll have to see what is up tonight.

  4. avatar Steve Schultz

    let me know. right now it’s looking like me, chris esser, my roommate and maybe one other. it’d be fun to have you too.