Different Styles

I spent this past Saturday climbing up at Necedah with a few friends.  Aside from some gale force winds everything was pretty perfect.  After a chilly warm up Chris and I hopped on Whiskey a Go Go, one of many projects that I’ve acquired recently.  

Chris ran up it just trying the moves once and then promptly sent it looking absolutely perfect.  Everyone agreed that he made it look like a 5.10.  It was fun to watch someone have a project of theirs so dialed in and so perfected.  I’m not sure how many days he’s worked it but either way, well done Chris.  

It also made me laugh about how different our climbing styles are.  Chris is a definitive sport climber.  Thin, tall, fit and graceful.  We watched him as all of the moves were on lockdown.  Every one of them were seemingly too easy.  After he lowered off he talked about how pumped he was at the top and we all looked at him like he was crazy.  No one could even tell he was tired in the slightest.  It was an impressive showing.

I on the other hand, climb a bit more like a boulderer.  I get the moves a little more dynamically.  It seems that I have a few more deadpoints and way more grunting and screaming.  My feet are going to have to cut a few times on Whiskey.  My butt is just too big for me to stay close enough to the wall to climb it static and smooth.

I actually enjoy my style.  I kind of like that powerful, dynamic, explosive climbing.  It’s fun and exciting.  Part of the beauty of Whiskey a Go Go is that it can be climbed both ways and feel about the same difficulty wise.  I’m really looking forward to going back and trying it again and hopefully redpointing it soon.  

Now I’ve just got to convince myself that I won’t deck on that block…..

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  1. avatar Climbing Narcissist

    holy cow was it windy saturday!