Lycra Needs A Comeback

So I found this picture on the Climbing Magazine website. It’s an old Petzl ad for three of their harnesses. One even has a matching chalk bag!! I personally think Petzl needs another one of those for the Hirundos. I’d buy it.

Maybe we can get Brad to scan in some old pics he’s got from his sport climbing days. I keep hearing that he used to wear some pretty hot lycra tights himself. There is even a rumor going around the office of a mullet. Brad, want to shed some light on the subject??

I’m just hoping that this look comes back sometime soon….

One response to “Lycra Needs A Comeback

  1. Yeah – okay – I had some fancy tights back in the day, and a mullet. I still have the tights somewhere, and – unlike many my age – I can still grow the mullet.

    (Don’t make me do it, because I WILL!)

    Mullets were cool once upon a time. Just ask my friend Kurt Smith.