Name a Bunny!

This past Saturday I went to a petting zoo with a good friend of mine, Katie. This wasn’t just any petting zoo, it was a petting zoo at a gas station at the Sullivan/Ixonia exit on Highway 94. That’s right, a BP gas station with a petting zoo! Everything from Pigs to Peacocks to the ultimate weak spot for Katie, bunnies. She had 7 before Saturday.

Apparently it’s a weak spot for me too. We were fine until a nice lady told us that there were some baby bunnies that they were giving away for donations. After about an hour and a half of deliberation, we drove home with a 4 week old bunny.

Now we need help naming it! We’ve got a couple of ideas right now but we need some suggestions from all of our loyal readers! Dab and Smith are the two that we have right now. Keep in mind that we don’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl.

Post whatever names you think of here in the comments maybe if we choose your name I’ll throw a medical kit your way.

7 responses to “Name a Bunny!

  1. avatar Climbing Narcissist

    I’m not good at naming animals after anything besides climbing areas but I like the product placement of the petzl logo behind the adoreable bunny.

  2. Given the coloring, I’d call it “Spot” or “Spots”.

  3. Is CB for “Cougar Bait” out of the question because of the recent events in Chicago? There might be another one around, after all.

  4. How about “Dinner” or “Hasenpfeffer”?

  5. avatar Steve Schultz

    That made me smile Megan. I’ve got a hunch though that the vegetarian, bunny loving mom wouldn’t approve quite as much.

  6. hi i like the name Moonshine it goes good with male of female i think. i also need help with finding names for 8 baby bunnies born today. so good luck with getting a name for the cute furball.

  7. I have a bunny named Piper who is white and grey and also im getting another bunny that i will either name nutmeg or buttons which are both cute.