Urban Wilderness – On Steroids!

This just in:  A cougar was shot and killed by police in the near northside of Chicago today.  It’s made the news, and everything.  For weeks, there have been sightings of a cougar in the vicinity, as well.  This may be the same animal, but it’s too soon to tell.  More on this, later.

ps:  Don’t google “Urban Cougar.”  This term means something else entirely, apparently.

3 responses to “Urban Wilderness – On Steroids!

  1. Couldn’t the Chicago police leave it alone for a while to cull the herd a bit?

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  3. Sounded as if this kitty had been culling the local cat and small dog population. So far, it appears that it’s a wild animal, too. There are no tattoos, chips, or other identifying features. By hair rub patterns it doesn’t appear to have spent time in cages or on concrete. They’ll know more when they do a hair analysis and an autopsy.

    Just fascinating…As it happens, I’ve been thinking about predators living among us, so hopefully I’ll get some time to link all of this together.

    Meanwhile: Givens, is this you again with the Brasil connection?