Birthday Challenges

I found this old picture of me on one of my many failed birthday challenges.  I’ve always been in the school of thought that if you complete a birthday challenge, it was too easy.  If you fail but still come close to completing, kudos.  You pushed yourself proper.  If you fail with a horribly miserable tally of completed challenges, you’re just not cut out for birthday challenges.  I fall into the last category having had multiple catastrophic failures.  

About 10 minutes after this picture was taken I walked over to clean off the topout of my next problem, Pinball Arete.  In short order I slipped and fell, 8 foot stick brush in hand, into one of the worst landings at the lake.  Luck was on my side and I walked out wanting to try to complete the rest of the challenge.  My leg ended up stiff as a log after trying my next climb and I couldn’t climb or walk normally for a couple of weeks.

Lesson learned.  I haven’t attempted a challenge since.  By the way, what does everybody think of purple??

Proudly showing off the farmers tan.

This is one of the coolest moves I’ve done at Devils Lake.

Fritters are so good.  Thank you Greenbush.

There is a rumor going around that Vera is looking for some old pictures of Brad in his lycra and mullet days.  We’ll see if he can compete with these.  I’m going to wager a guess he’ll be able to beat me.

4 responses to “Birthday Challenges

  1. avatar Pemba Serves

    These pictures are hilarious!

  2. Seriously, that outfit is priceless. Please tell me you still have it because I am begging you to wear it to MORE.

  3. avatar canoelover

    Elton John called; he wants his shell back.

  4. avatar Steve Schultz

    I dunno about that megan. We’ll have to talk about it. I know I’ve got the suit still. It’s pretty hot. You haven’t even seen the shorts.

    Darren, Elton John wouldn’t know what to do with this thing.