"Act Your Age!"

As young as you feel: 
Vera – mother and step-mother to three – will turn 15 for the 29th time this summer.

We hear this all the time, and never seem to obey. Vera and I took out the
new longboards, and rode them much of the weekend with the kids. There were no casualties, except for four-year-old Misa who stepped on one of the boards and had it slip out from under her. She has a really nice nose-scrape and a little bit of a fat-lip. When asked about it, she smiles and beams proudly: “I was skate-boarding!”

We had so much fun on them that we changed plans for Saturday’s date-night. Originally, we were going to go check out the new-ish Sundance Theatre here in Madison, but we didn’t want to give up our rides. So, we dressed as nicely as we dared and hit the endless asphalt bike trails around Madison. After some good cruising, we stopped first at one of the nicest Tex-Mex restaurants in town, and hardly felt out-of-place with our almost four-foot-long boards tucked under our table. After a few margaritas, we hit the night-time roads to get ice-cream on State Street. From there, we cruised some of the ramps up and down onto the bike path – and even went buildering in a few coveted locations – until it was time to relieve the baby-sitter, at 11pm.

Several things: 1) We both got smile-cramps from riding these boards; 2) Paths and roads we’d biked, run, or walked hundreds of times suddenly became very different because of our new mode of travel; and 3) No dinosaurs were wasted over the course of our date-night, and CO2 emissions were limited to our slightly-elevated respiration rates.

Which is more illegal – buildering or boarding at the Kohl Center?

Okay, so we broke a few laws, too: As it turns out, we later heard that you can get a DUI from riding a skateboard under the influence, and buildering – or boarding – on or around the Kohl Center is strictly verboten. At our age, we’re really far too old to be breaking so many laws so close to home, but what does that matter? You’re as young as you feel, really.

On Saturday, we each felt about fifteen: Slightly rebellious, completely independent, invincible, and – yes – even a little hormonal. What could be better?

ps: I ran some errands on the Fleetwood today, and discovered that we broke yet another law:  You can’t ride skateboards on the street!  Thanks to the kind officer from the MPD who gave me a friendly warning today instead of a ticket…

6 responses to “"Act Your Age!"

  1. Go skate or go home. Now THAT’S the Brad I know. Well done you two!!

  2. avatar Brad Werntz

    Thanks Bill!

    We had a nice night. We’re shipping two of the boards to CA here this week. We’ll be there for the next two weeks. Are you around?

    Take care,

  3. YES – I am in town until the European Outdoor Trade Fair mid-July. Let us know when we can get together. We are looking VERY forward to seeing you!

  4. avatar Brad Werntz

    K. Let’s get in touch by phone early next week!

    Take care,

  5. Your daughter is Misa? My Misa is 13 next month (ouch). It’s a popular name in Japan, according to friends there.
    And that boarding shot of Vera looks V7 if you skate up and stick the move. Pretty solid for 15.

    Fun read.


  6. Wow Kenji! That’s cool! We thought we made it up. We combined my great-grandmother (Mia), with Vera’s (Isabel, also known as Isa) to make her name. That’s awesome that your daughter is named Misa, too! How did you choose that name?

    Take care,