Secret Sharer

I have to give shout-outs to Odub this morning.  He’s a climber/rapper who has written a song about Todd Skinner.  It’s called “Float.”  I particularly like how he worked in so many of Todd’s route names into the song.  It’s a perfect and unexpected musical tribute.

Todd was one of my oldest and best friends.  I’ve been missing him a lot lately.  I won’t write about him here, this moment.  Another old friend wrote a really good memory about Todd in her blog earlier this week, so you can read that instead.  And be sure you check out the song.  It’s a keeper.

2 responses to “Secret Sharer

  1. Are you going to Lander for the Climbers’ Fest, Brad? Got a note from Odub that they will be performing the song there. I won’t be there. Haven’t been back since I left.

    Great to find your blog. Already added it to my blogroll.

    Be well!

  2. Hey Marit!

    Good to find your blog, too. We added it to our feed! Good stuff!

    I’m looking at maybe getting to the ICF, but we’ll see. Several things need to work out, but I’m hoping so. I heard also that Odub will be there, so that’ll be a bonus.

    How are things, otherwise?