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Brazenly stolen from the paper this morning via iPhone – apologies for the grey image but it was a low-light environment.
As I was waiting for my coffee this morning, this editorial comic jumped out of the paper at me.  (Well, not really…)  Still, the paper was open to it and I noticed it right away.  The funny thing is that this exact same scenario happened to Team Pemba when we were traveling to a recent sales meeting.  We requested a hybrid, and were given a luxury full-size car, instead.  In fact, the rental-car agency was all out of hybrids, and nobody wanted regular cars of any stripe.  They even gave us a discount for our forced upgrade, because all of the economy cars were out, too.

So, the good news is that lots of people want to do the right thing.  The bad news is that corporate America hasn’t figured out how to deliver this 100% of the time, yet.  (Okay, maybe not even 50% of the time.)  The sad part about this car-rental company is that they had recently moved all of the Bay Area hybrids to one location, so that they could advertise that they had a “100% Green” rental location; too bad they gutted SFO of all of the hybrids, in doing so.  I guess it would be easier to move 50 cars to one location and call it “100% Green.”  Beats having to buy several hundred hybrids, that’s for sure, and these days the advertising rights for green are gold.

This reminds me:  A company we once worked with had the internal motto of wanting to be “Green When Convenient.”  This meant that they wanted to get credit for “going green,” but didn’t necessarily want to do the hard work of re-crafting their business around sustainability. We’re really glad to be working with companies now that are committed to making demonstrable changes towards sustainability, but this is the topic of another blog post…

Funny how you make connections, sometimes at a glance:  In the same paper – positioned side-by-side with the editorial cartoon – was an article that predicted that oil would break a record today.  And, in fact, it did.  To bring this full-circle, Scott at the MORE show today shared that it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to land a bus-sponsor for the event.  We had really hoped that this was an idea that would take wings.  While there are strong leads for next year, this initiative was announced too late to fit into this year’s budgets.  And that’s too bad.

Of all of the sponsorship ideas that were generated for the show, this was the only one that had “National PR Opportunity” written all over it.  Plus, the purpose of revitalizing the local show is – in part – to reduce the amount of fuel consumed during the course of the bi-annual selling cycle.  We’ve done studies that show that a strong local tradeshow can save 93% of the gas that would be used by ten reps showing their wares to the same ten stores.  This is one of the rare times when somebody can actually do good and score a big hit at the same time.  Do you know somebody who can find the budget for this opportunity?  I mean, can you – dear reader – tap the right source for this funding?

(Did we mention that a journalist-friend wants to try to sell this story to NPR? – Hey, we’re going to keep trying to sell it up to the very end…)

Meanwhile, enjoy the funnies, and the daily news.  This oil issue is bound to get funnier, every dang day.

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