I’ll keep the words to a minimum on this post and I’ll let the pictures do the talking. I found a couple of CD’s worth of pictures from a climbing trip I took a couple years ago. I love looking at pictures like this. Each one tells a different story. It’s great.

So so close on the Sit Start. Came back the next year and got it 2nd go. I love that feeling. Love it!

Slushy Puppy and Slushy Puppy low. Everyone has epics at some point and the sit was one of mine.

Such a bad idea. That’s all you can say for this. Offwidths are always a bad idea.

It’s rare you see a picture of this boulder with no one actually climbing on it. I think that’s why I like it so much.

Kelsen taking a lap on the Mulletino roof. I like the little bits of action with Kelsen and Tony. It adds a lot to what would normally be a static image. I’m a fan.

4 responses to “Memories

  1. I love climbing photographs, but I especially love how your thread suddenly shifts course–to a beautiful image of flowers. :)

  2. avatar climbingnarc

    I recently found some pictures from 5 years ago of bouldering at the Lake that I didn’t even remember taking. Included are rare pictures of Jenga.

    Just have to get around to visiting the in-laws so I can use their scanner to get them online

  3. avatar Steve Schultz

    Brian, you should post the pictures of Jenga. I’ve got a couple of Hefty and I on it from a couple years ago if you need any more.

    Kimiko, thanks! I like that picture a lot!

  4. You’re not doing much to refute your title of “Strongest Man Alive”…