Today’s Paper

Not everybody had time to read today’s paper, I know.  As a matter of fact, fewer people have time to read it as each day passes, and this phenomenon is true all across the country.  This has been a rough week for newspapers, actually.  Truth be told, it’s been a rough year.  They say it may be the worst year ever for newspapers.

And we thought we had it bad in the outdoor industry…

But hey, I’ve been on vacation so this morning I took the kids to the local surf/coffee cafe and sat down to read the paper while the kids had donuts.  Did you have time to read today’s paper?  I thought not.  Me, I only get to read the paper when I’m on vacation, or when I’m traveling by plane for work.

Today I particularly enjoyed the weekly science section. Here are some of the headlines, with a synopsis:

  1. Birth Dearth” – Worldwide, the number of live births of boys vs. girls has been declining, and some think that a notable change is under way, driven by factors such as environmental contaminants and various types of stress.

  2. Death March of the Penguins” – Oil pollution, fishery depletion, rampant coastline development and climate change have all adversely affected penguin populations worldwide, many of which are now in sharp decline.

  3. Researchers Warn of Decline in Sharks, Disrupted Ecosystems” – In the past two centuries, the shark population in the Mediterranean Sea has plummeted 97 percent.

Okay, it’s the science section so maybe we can expect a green bias.  (Scientists are smart, after all…)  But San Diego – with all of its military infrastructure – isn’t known as a liberal bastion.  Still, does anybody else see a pattern here?

Sometimes, I feel like John Nash, the subject of the movie “A Beautiful Mind.”  (No, I don’t think that I’m brilliant, and I’m probably not crazy – well, at least not that crazy…)  Every so often though, it seems that patterns just jump out of the paper like one of Nash’s Cold War cyphers.  

What is the meaning of this message?

Ponder this for a bit, would you?  I’ll be right back.  Every time I read the paper I’m supposed to stuff the articles that jump out at me into a plain manila envelope and deliver it to a creepy estate on the edge of town. 

Please don’t tell my wife…

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