Create your own caption.

7 responses to “Create your own caption.

  1. This image has been floating around the MHW office for the last week.


  2. Someone needs to put out a press release that MHW does not endorse or support Sarah Palin as a candidate. Or call legal, have them send a cease and desist from wearing MHW apparel. That woman stands for the antithesis of everything the outdoor industry is working towards.

    Oh, a caption. “Bye kids, I’m off to screw some more minorities and poor people!”

  3. “I paid retail. But I wrote it off.”

  4. avatar flatlanderjournal

    “I’m changing the climate, ask me how!”

  5. “Fleece!?? I thought it was made from clubbed baby seal fur.”

  6. Oh, that’s bound to create some confusion. To a Republican, “fleece” is a verb, not a noun…

  7. avatar The Other Joe Biden

    This pic would work better as a dartboard if her face was centered in the frame.