She’s a little bit bigger now….

So, the bunny we got this past April is close to being full grown now. We checked and she’s a she. Her name is Dash, thanks to “The Incredibles”. Thought I’d take some pictures and give all of our loyal readers an update.

She’s bigger, but not really any smarter….

Katie keeps on insisting that the misbehaving is all my fault. I normally deny it but I’ll take credit here. I put an animal cracker up on the table, next to the paper. She got close at least.

One response to “She’s a little bit bigger now….

  1. avatar Jannie "Funster"

    How is bunny life going?

    I lost my first one out the back yard and the second one took to chasing and biting my 5-year-old daughter and eating the wall-paper. Luckily we found her another loving home. (the bunny I mean, not the child!)

    Our cat is great, tho – he’s working out great.

    Best of fun with bun.