The climbing of the short rocks.

I went climbing this past Saturday at Governor Dodge with my girlfriend, Katie. It was fun to get on real rock again and try out some new shoes. Unfortunately it was about 80 degrees and humid so I spent most of the afternoon dripping with sweat. I worked out the first couple of moves on Sandstone Violence and the beta came back to me pretty well. I’m looking forward to giving it some more concentrated effort in the next few weeks.

Here are a couple of pics from the day. No real sends but just a fun time lying around on pads. Maybe a little too much time spent dressing Frank up in different shoes….

I had forgotten just how awkward this landing was. I must have fallen 2 or 3 times when the pads slid out from under me. Frank was nice enough to cheer me on in the background.

Katie looking strong on the hideously painful crimps of Split Personality. No send on Saturday but it’ll come soon I’m sure.

Here’s Frank in the Muira VCS. I’m still not totally sure where his head is. It’s in either California or Nevada, I know that much. Katie thinks he needs a tail. Any thoughts from our loyal fans?

Frank in the Scarpa Boosters. Katie thinks he needed a better spot. Although, he did hit the “X”….

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