Wisconsin Ranked Second Most Bike Friendly State

Wisconsin continues to top the active lifestyle lists, this time a close second on the League of American Bicyclists first annual Bicycle Friendly States ranking:

Wisconsin’s second place ranking is a result of their high use of available federal funding for cycling related projects and programs, statewide counts of bicycle usage and model policies… With a thriving bicycle industry and growing advocacy movement Wisconsin looks to move to the top of the list.

We are fortunate to have such support for bicycling in the state. Madison tops the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Friendly Communities list, and the mayor’s office is committed to improving our ranking. Statewide organizations such as the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin do fantastic work, and more than our share of manufactures call southern Wisconsin home. Planet Bike deserves special recognition, donating 25% of their profits to bicycle advocacy.

With autumn weather arriving, now is arguably the best time of the year for cycling in southern Wisconsin. See you on the bike path.

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