Climbing on the short rocks…again

So, Katie and I made another trip to Governor Dodge this weekend. The weather was much cooler and conditions were so much better. It kinda reminded me why I like Sandstone. Every fall I’m reminded of why it’s so good. The leaves were starting to change and the rock felt nice and grippy.

We spent most of our time on the “Execution Bloc” and only stayed for a few hours as we’d been at the gym the night before. There are a bunch of problems in a pretty condensed area with eliminates seemingly everywhere. We both made progress on our respective projects and Katie sent one of the problems she was working on. Always fun. I spent all afternoon working out the moves on Highly Executed and felt really good on it. It’s a fun, rising traverse on a series of big slopers. All of the holds are skin and user friendly so it was a perfect place to hang out for an afternoon.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. And of all the days to forget it, this one was a doozy. Driving into the park we saw 8-9 people fully decked out in Medieval armor. Yep, that’s right……Armor. Trash can shields, molded metal chest and leg protection, realistic looking swords and chain mail body armor. Not to mention some pretty sweet helmets. If that wasn’t enough, a minute or so after we passed the warriors, we passed another group of battlers at the bathroom. They were sporting some super stylish neon accents on their clothes and were shooting a day-glow Nerf crossbow into a box. Needless to say we drove past both of these groups at about 2.7 miles per hour with our jaws open. I was crushed I forgot my camera. Crushed.

All that said, I’ll have it for the next session for sure. I’m also getting a new flash for my camera this week so I’m excited to start using it. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures next Monday or Tuesday for you to check out.

3 responses to “Climbing on the short rocks…again

  1. avatar Jason Huston

    With all this practice on the little rocks you should be ready for the big ones soon.

    And I think those guys in all that goofy-looking apparel and helmets and what-not are called trad climbers.

  2. PWned by jason.

  3. avatar Steve Schultz

    The rocks we climb aren’t little, they’re just short. and we need way more practice before we graduate to the big rocks.

    That explains the crossbow. That’s how they get the rope up there right?