Early Morning Starts

Katie and I went bouldering again on Saturday and I think it’s fair to say that both of us were a bit burned out on our current projects. Katie’s fingers are starting to hurt from one of them and I felt sort of lazy on mine. Not all that inspired, to say the least. It was dreary, cold and windy Saturday afternoon and the climbing didn’t last all that long.

Instead we went around the park and took a look at some of the new areas that were developed this past summer. We were both pretty psyched on the problems at the Deer Cove areas. Varied rock with pretty cool holds and fairly nice landings. Always a plus. Then we went over to the Cox Hollow boulders and walked up to a boulder that we were at 2 years ago. It was the same time of day and same time of year and was neat to be sitting there again, together. We both remembered that day and Katie has some pictures that I took of her, in her glovebox actually, on that particular problem. It was definitely the highlight of the weekend for me.

Fast forward to Saturday night, lying around watching “The Office” on DVD. Out of nowhere Katie said that we should go back Sunday morning before she had to work at 11. She wanted to try her project once more, after she thought up some new beta. At 6:30 the next morning we were a little less enthusiastic but still decided to go. I think Katie’s exact words, when I asked her if she still wanted to go, were “I’m 70/30 right now”.

Our bed was warm and comfy but we went anyway. It was so cold and windy out! It probably didn’t help that the problem got NO sun at all. Katie was frozen and tried to warm up on the sharp crimps. Pain, and frigid, conditions won out in the end though.

Having another hour and a half left before we had to leave we went over to Deer Cove. It turned out to be way better. Sunny and a little breeze made for perfect conditions. It was about 40 degrees and Katie finally admitted that those were the best conditions to climb in. Soon I’ll get her to break down and admit that she’s a boulderer.

I hadn’t pulled on rock yet but made a flash attempt on Grounded for Life, a really cool overhanging arete. I pulled on and made it through to the last move and then promptly dabbed on the rock behind me. A quick go to try the last move and then I put it all together a few minutes later. Such a fun problem!!! I was kind of astounded at how nice it felt to complete something!! How quickly we forget.

Katie did everything but the last couple of moves and we were blown away with how much fun the whole morning was. All day long I kept on thinking that this is what climbing is supposed to be. Fun, not work. It’s always nice to have those little revelations and reminders that it should be enjoyable.

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