One of those days.

So Katie and I went out to Governor Dodge again on Saturday. It was one of those days that was just perfect, start to finish. It was so nice and I think we both needed it. We had breakfast at Tex Tubbs and then made our way out to the boulders. I had bought a new flash for my camera earlier that week and it was really fun to play around with it and experiment a little. After a little bit of toying around I got the wireless flash to work correctly, most of the time at least, and the result was pretty cool. I’m excited to try it out some more this fall. There was one car in the parking lot when we arrived and when we left we were the only ones there. Perfect. The temps weren’t the best but there was a nice breeze and we made due.

It was great. I love fall. Can’t wait for next weekend.

Here’s a shot of the throw on Highly Executed. Out of all the pictures Katie took of me on the throw, this one stuck out. I love how you can see the whole problem and how the wall opens up as it goes away from the camera.

I decided to pull out the monkey face on this one. Classy.

After a few minor meltdowns and some entertaining falls, Katie got her left foot to stick again and made some progress on Hangman.

Split Personality has some of the most painful holds at Dodge with about 5 really painful moves up a short, dark wall. The holds suit the problems location and general feel. It’s often really dark and has a gloomy, almost damp feel. It makes taking pictures there tough and kind of interesting. The wireless flash was a huge help here. I’m really looking forward to shooting this problem again.

Katie was so close to this. It’s always tough to decide whether to go to this boulder first in the day or last. You’re pretty well guaranteed to lose all of your skin, so your day might end sooner than you want. I’m expecting a send in the near future.

Best part about bouldering.

Like I said, I’m really excited to go back and take some more pictures at this boulder. It’s got a really cool feel to it and the positions it puts the climber in are pretty photogenic.

Temps are supposed to be cooler next week so hopefully we’ll have some completed projects to talk about. I can’t wait. Oh, and apparently the people who dressed up last weekend in Medieval armor and such were playing “Ring Toss”. Lord of the Rings reenactments. Yeah. Awesome. I hope we didn’t get a spell cast on us….

2 responses to “One of those days.

  1. Cool pics, Steve. Shorts and t-shirts though, must be a bit warm still, eh? 10 degrees till crush?

  2. avatar Steve Schultz

    Yeah, it was too warm out. i think it was just under 80, but there was a nice breeze. Now, next weekend is starting to get better, highs of 55…..not perfect, but better.

    and what’s with the “eh”? you a canuck now?