The Weirdest Ones

So, normally when we go out bouldering we’re the weirdest ones out there. Among all of the campers, hikers, horse riders and families, walking around with giant pieces of foam attached to our backs generally singles the climbers out amongst the crowd.

Not this Saturday.

These guys were.

You may remember me talking about the battlers in the costumes with the fake swords and armor a couple of weeks ago. Well, they were out in force this past Saturday. As we drove into the park we kept on seeing little pockets of these guys. Then we turned the corner to go to Group Camp B and they were everywhere. Both Katie and I were stunned. Hobbits, Elves, Nerds, Warriors, whatever you want to call them.

I think the most confusing part of all of this were the 4 people dressed up as Power Rangers. Their costumes did not leave a whole lot to the imagination. Just try to squeeze an adult body into one of the Power Rangers costumes designed for a kid. Not pretty.

That’s all I’ll say about that for now, the website does it more justice. As for the climbing, it was fantastic. Katie made great progress on both of her projects and I’ve unlocked the last key piece of beta for mine, much thanks to Remo for that one. Here’s a shot of Katie on Split Personality. I’m beginning to learn how to use the flash correctly now. It’s been fun to start taking pictures again.

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