Have you scheduled your preview yet?

Operators are standing by…

5 responses to “Have you scheduled your preview yet?

  1. Whats with all the down? Not allowed to turn on the heat until a preseason comes in? :D

  2. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing– the mannequin at the computer of Moonbeam in a women’s coat.

  3. Moonbeam in a girl coat disturbing? Who are you and what have you done with MK? Do you even KNOW Pete, MK imposter? Sigh…

    What mannequin? That’s just me. Everybody knows I have my head up my [edit: family friendly blog!] most of the time…

  4. Sorry gang, I left my body for a moment. I’m back. Pete– absolutely stunning in women’s apparel. As usual. Reminds me the Isis Sultana vest in Sangria that you wore at MWSRA once. Hot hot hot!!

  5. Yeah, Pete was radiant in that vest, absolutely radiant. I like how he glows when he finds a new piece of clothing that is that flattering on him.

    Brit is a lucky woman, that’s for sure. Pete brings home the best clothing, looks great in it, and probably lets her borrow it, too.


    And Bryan, BTW: Heat is for closers.