Extra Special Shout Out

Special shout-out to the IT guy for braving the snow-covered roads and -12 degree weather to diagnose Brad’s computer problem. Turns out the screen wasn’t working because the computer was sleeping. We can’t really blame Brad, he’s a Mac-guy after all, but it is agreed that he can no longer claim the title of in-house IT support.

5 responses to “Extra Special Shout Out

  1. Love it! That’s why we outsource that stuff, after all. I’m pretty dang dumb sometimes.

  2. Sweet work Brad. I will have to let Big Tom of the Egan Crew know he has been out done. (He called me to fix his wireless card, that was not plugged in.)

  3. Thanks Jon. Yeah, it’s classic, a total brain-fart. I’m more technical than that, but if it has a Windows face I’m far more likely to just throw my hands up and call IT.

  4. The PCs are easy to wake-up – press any button. You don’t have to wind-them-up like the Macs. Good to hear you are doing well, Brad.

  5. Wind them up? My Mac always greets me with,”Good morning, Dave…”

    I don’t know why it does that. I keep telling it my name, and it keeps saying,”What are you doing, Dave?”

    Weird, huh?