Inspired by the past

After reading Brian’s last few posts about some of the more obscure, harder lines at Devil’s Lake, I wanted to post some old pictures I had of both of the climbs he wrote about.

First up is Jenga. It’s towards the top of the west bluff talus field at Devil’s Lake and is really hard to find. Peter was taking us all around the west bluff one day and we stumbled upon it. He looked at it for a second and remembered that it was, in fact, Jenga. He’d done the FA a few years prior. The name comes from all of the rocks at the base that he rearranged to make a better landing. Said it took him hours to clean up the landing, but the line is completely worth it.

The next couple of shots are of Hefty on the Keymaker. This problem was done in 2003 by Brian Sandona and is still unrepeated. He gave it a tentative V11 and it’s a great contender for hardest climb at the lake. The crux involves a bad left hand crimp and a waist level lockoff. There seems to be more interest in this year(Brian, Nic, Me??) so maybe we’ll see a repeat soon.

Every year around this time I start to get antsy to get outside and start climbing again. This year is no different and I’ve already planned out a couple of trips. I should have my list of 2009 goals next week or so. Hopefully I’ll complete more of the climbs this time….

2 responses to “Inspired by the past

  1. Much better than what I had!

  2. I’ve got some more if you want em. let me know.