Katie and I are leaving in one week for a trip to Little Rock City in Chattanooga, TN. We both can’t wait to leave and are very very excited about getting out of Madison. We’ve got a list of problems that we want to get on and cannot wait to get on real rock. Plastic is getting real old right now.

I found this video of a climb called “Bedwetters” on Jamie runs a fantastic site and always has worthwhile and fun stories on there. Definitely check it out for a few minutes and take a look around. He has a very refreshing outlook on hard climbing both in and out of Colorado. I also like that he’s a Michigan boy at heart.

The problem itself looks phenomenal and I can’t wait to try it. While it might be a bit over my head I’ve always been a proponent of trying things that are “too hard” for me. It’s good to have goals and i’ve surprised myself more than once.

If anyone has any recommendations for climbs we need to do while we’re down in Chatty let us know.

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  1. Steve– haven’t seen you at the gym lately and stumbled on this blog. How was Little Rock city? Did you “wet the bed”? Stay in touch. Chris