"I’m SO Excited!"

Misa is our child with the “instant-on” switch.  She can be in a dead sleep – snoring louder than you can imagine any small five-year-old girl snoring – and she’ll suddenly pop open her eyes brightly and say,”Good morning, Daddy!”  Honestly, it would be frightening if it weren’t so darn cute.

Most days, she wakes up in our bed.  The other morning just after I awoke, I was watching her snore and she sat straight up and giggled:  “Good morning Daddy!  I’m SO excited!  Are you excited too?”

I rubbed the sleep from my puffy eyes and rolled my tongue over my teeth to fight back the morning-breath: “Um, yeah, I guess I’m excited.  What are you excited about?”

She was bouncing on the bed by this point:  “I dunno! I forget! But, I’m so excited!

If I could bottle this type of pure joy and sell it, I would be a very rich man.

In the past few weeks and months – hey, for well over a year – I’ve been talking to people who could sure use a bottle of the stuff that Misa exudes.  They have puffy eyes and clenched jaws, and are just plain harried and worried, all the time.  They talk about “getting back to basics,” and “scaling back.”  These words are spoken in a resigned, diminished way.  Sometimes, they are fearful, and even angry.

“The world is changing.  Times are tough. I’m just waiting for things to get back to normal.”

If “normal” means “as they always were,” this is probably going to be a long wait.  Personally, I don’t know for sure what the future holds, but I’m dead certain it won’t be anything like our recent past.  The world is changing, times are tough.

Still, I wake up each day excited to get to work.  I work with great people here at Pemba Serves, with our customers, and with our vendors, too.  We all work in a great industry.  The really exciting thing for me is because things are changing so quickly and so radically, every day we all get to come to work and wrestle with the question: “What if we were to write the book about the Outdoor Industry again: What would that look like?”

I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out – I imagine that it’ll be a page-turner – and I’m excited every day to get up and write the book.  I’ve addressed earlier how important it is for us to sell our culture rather than just our stuff.  But – Jebus! – we in the Outdoor Industry are in the business of selling FUN. If we can’t get excited about what we’re doing every day, then who the heck can?

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  1. Kids are great! YOUR kid is great!