One twitter experiment with measurable results.

There’s been some back and forth of late relating to Twitter being a good use of time and attention. While I understand the perspectives of both camps I often see myself wandering between the two. Some days I need long stretches of uninterrupted time to be productive. Other days I really enjoy the paths that twitter presents and I make connections that I might not have made otherwise

With that in mind we did an experiment these past few weeks. We dropped a rock in the Pemba Serves Twitter pond and watched the ripples. To do this we used a url shortener called to measure the traffic on a specific tweet.

If you follow Pemba Serves on twitter or facebook you may recall seeing a variation of this tweet over the past few weeks.

Here are the stats from March 24th through the end of the program yesterday.

These stats measure the number of users that kept the address intact that was initiated on @pembaserves and @pembanews.

So, what is Twitter good for? In this case it’s good for raising $788 to provide kids with transformational outdoor experiences that they might not have had otherwise. A contribution that would not have been possible without the social currency that Pemba Serves or our followers have generated through this new medium.

Thanks to everyone who re-tweeted and clicked.

3 responses to “One twitter experiment with measurable results.

  1. I wish I would have tracked my link from my blog and twitter. What a good idea.

  2. Very interesting. You’re blinding me with science! Now you can experiment with how different phrasings of the same post affect click-through.

  3. Thanks for the insight Moderator… We varied a little but for the most part relied on repetition.

    As far as phrasing effecting click-through we watched the variations on the RT’s