Wisconsin Driving

A few weeks back Katie and I took a short trip up to Taylors Falls to climb for a bit. The climbing itself was a ton of fun and we had a blast. I’d been wanting to boulder there for a while now and it was good to finally get up there.

On the drive up to Taylors Katie and I kept on noticing large animal statues on the side of the road. At each one, Katie would proceed to freak out a tiny bit, get really excited and insist that we stop on the way back to take a picture with said animal statue. After a little prodding I got into it and figured that we’d stop at three exits on the way back to take pictures with the animals. I figured it’d break up the drive a little bit but I had no clue how many we would actually find. I’m still in some amount of shock about it. Wisconsin is an interesting state, to say the least.

Katie and the Tin Man, just outside of Taylors Falls, at a Junk Yard, I think.

One of my personal favorites. The cul-de-sac with a stop sign. Love it!

Katie and the giant Cowboy Mouse near Tomah. Mind you that this “welcome” sign is well over an hour from ANY Wisconsin border.

And the backside, for anyone who was wondering…

For those of you that don’t know, the Cow Pie is a chocolate-y treat.

These next few are all from a furniture store in between Baraboo and the Dells. Yup, that’s a bear with a gun.

And a Moose……

Katie isn’t quite that small. I actually think this bed may be bigger than our current apartment. Scary.

Another Bear and another Moose just for good measure.

We found this little guy by accident when we got off the highway for a Dairy Queen. No wonder I don’t climb any harder than I do.

The Tilt-A-House nearby Portage. Many thanks to Katie for seeing this one at 70 MPH on the highway. Almost missed it!

How could you possibly guess what’s coming next?

Yup, a giant Elephant with eyeglasses….

At a Citgo, nonetheless.

And then we took a wrong turn and didn’t get back on the highway. What should we find?? A big ol’ cow at a cheese haus. Obviously.

Hard sit start on the udders to a brutal topout over the slopey bulge.

And there you have it. Mind you, this is WITHOUT stopping at another exit in Black River Falls that would have gotten us another 3-4 giant animals as well. I wrote down the wrong exit number. Oh well.

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