Petzl & Miguel’s Pizza at ORSM 2009

Pizza Party invite

Stop by the Petzl booth for beer and Miguel’s world-famous handmade pizza.

Day 2 (Wednesday) | 5pm
Booth #5016

7 responses to “Petzl & Miguel’s Pizza at ORSM 2009

  1. This is a shot in the dark request, but do you have a Petzl / Miguels beer glass from this event? Sally Golding, at Petzl, said they printed glasses for a trade show and didn’t have any more at the office. I would love to give one of these glasses to my son for Christmas and am trying to leave no rock unturned.
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Karen, as a matter of fact, we do have ONE. It’s a very special glass, indeed. We could part with it on the condition that you make a donation to the Access Fund, to the extent that your budget for this gift allows. Does this sound acceptable?

    Thanks for tracking us down. This sounds like a good opportunity to make someone’s Christmas, and do some good. Thanks for this, it makes our day.

    We’ll email you to work out the details.

  3. Hey Karen! Thanks for your donation to the Access Fund! We’ll ship out this glass right away. We hope your son has a Merry Christmas, and – also, um, well – that he’s too busy to Google what he might be getting!

    Way to go the extra distance for a meaningful gift!

  4. Ale-8-1 is in order for next year right?

  5. Yeah, not at all sure on that one. But stay tuned!

  6. ale-8-1 is the ginger ale they serve @ miguel’s. definitely worth checking out

  7. Sweet! Well, good to know! I think I’ve seen it, at some point. We’ll check with Petzl to see what they might have on tap for next year.

    Fun stuff, I’m sure.