Chicks, do you Rock? Tell us how and hang with Chicks Rock at Devil’s Lake.

Because it’s Monday and we like climbing, climbing women, and promoting access, we’ve decided to sponsor a little contest: We’re giving away a trip to Chicks Rock! Devil’s Lake.

Coincidentally, Petzl has announced that they will be raising $50,000 in support of the Access Fund. These things are completely unrelated, until now.

Here’s the deal: Send us an essay or a link to a YouTube video about why you or somebody you know deserves to go to Chicks Rock! Devil’s Lake, and if we pick yours, you or your friend gets to go. One hint: You get big bonus props if you tell us why access is important to you, and should be to all climbers. Oh, and we like creativity. Go wild.

The winner gets one entry to Chicks Rock! Devil’s Lake, which is an $895 value. On top of that, you get to hang out with Head Chick Kim Reynolds, Uber-Guides Angela Hawse and Kitty Calhoun, and a supporting cast which includes some kick-ass strong local Wisconsin Chicks. You or the friend you nominate gets the entry covered, but you still need to get your butt to Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin.

Note that this is a “Chicks Only” event, so – sorry – no guys can attend. But guys, you CAN submit a nomination for your favorite Chick! (You would be more popular than chocolate if you won, wink-wink, nudge-nudge…)

We will be announcing the winner at 5pm on Monday, August 31st, so get your entry in before then. (We suggest by noon of that day, actually.) Winners will be chosen subjective to our whims, which may or may not include flipping a coin if there’s a draw. This is supposed to be a fun contest, so have fun participating and in knowing that you’re helping to create awareness about access.

Email entries to

Oh, and one other thing: We’ll be posting all entries on our website at, so let’s keep it family-friendly, okay?

One response to “Chicks, do you Rock? Tell us how and hang with Chicks Rock at Devil’s Lake.

  1. Hey, it took me all day to think of this, but one thing to point out. There are actually two spots left for Chicks Rock Devil’s Lake, so women, if you and your friend want to post an entry together and you win, it works out as a 2-for-1 special. Just sayin’…