Chicks Rock! Devil’s Lake – Winner

Hey everyone, David from Pemba Serves here.

First, a special thanks to Kim Reynolds and the Chicks Rock! guides for coming out to climb with us flatanders here at Devil’s Lake. Be sure to visit them at

Second, a big thanks to Petzl for a $50,000 commitment to the Access Fund to help climbing communities save access to threatened climbing areas.

Also, thanks to everyone that took the time to enter into our contest. We had a number of great entries and you can read all of them here on our site. In our Book you all Rock!

Now, judging one Worthy Climber from all these entries was pretty much impossible so, we had to consult the guidance of the Chicks Rock! Goddess of Chance…

Here’s your winner.

Our Winner!
It has taken me a few days to work up to submit this. When I began to write my response I kept thinking there are so many other women out there who deserve this more. Then it hit me, that’s exactly why I deserve to go on the Chicks Rock trip. I haven’t had a real vacation in a year and a half. I have taken plenty of vacation days but they were all spent volunteering with Women’s Wilderness Institute to produce the 2009 Gear and Cheer Fundraiser. Working with a great committee we put together a live and silent auction with amazing food and entertainment. We were able to raise money to support the women and girls programs and it feels good.

While I am passionate about many causes helping girls find their place in the great outdoors is the top of my list. The Women’s Wilderness Institute programs help girls and women find their inner strength and determination through courses in backpacking, climbing, and mountain biking (to name a few). The climbing component has always been a favorite for me. I love climbing and want to share that with future generations. I love that Women’s Wilderness teaches that it’s important to protect and respect our outdoor playground. Because of their work and teaching I understand that without the involvement of Access Fund our favorite climbing spots may not be safe or available to the public in the future. It’s why I choose brands that support the Access Fund and volunteer with an organization that shares in their beliefs.

I won’t over-romanticize any longer. What it come down to is this Cupcake needs a vacation and after volunteering to support womens and girls outdoor programs I think I an awesome climbing trip would be perfect ;-)


2 responses to “Chicks Rock! Devil’s Lake – Winner

  1. avatar David Sweeney

    Yeah, sorry the name is backwards in the vid. Was using Photobooth… Didn’t want to spend half my day making a video in iMovie.

    Thanks everybody!

  2. avatar Michana Buchman

    Hey, all you at Pemba Serves: Even though I didn’t win, thanks for the chance to try. There were some really kick-ass essays, and the winner looks more than deserving.
    You’re good people.