Earn some PEMBAbucks by helping out with our PEMBAmoooove on 8/19!

Strong like Bull?

It’s no surprise that we have a big gear closet. Samples and demos from Adventure Medical, Atlas Snowshoe, Jetboil, LEKI, Montrail, Mountain Hardwear, Petzl, Sea to Summit and some Pemba Serves legacy brands take up some serious space. That giant warehouse at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” comes to mind.

Misplaced Holy Relics aside we need to move some stuff from one room in our building to another and could use some help from the locals.

We’re looking for four people each shift from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm on Wednesday August 19th.

What’s in it for you?
How about $10 an hour in PEMBAbucks that can be put towards ANY product we represent at 50% off retail prices? Here’s the math: 4 hours of work gets you something worth $80 retail, 8 hours of work gets you something worth $160 retail. Sweet, right?

That, and you get to hang out with us for after work beers at the Echo – our corner bar. Shoot the Bull (yes!) with a key influencer in the outdoor industry. ThePiton said it so it must be true…

Email Crystal at crystal@pembaserves.com to sign up!

Last ones who show up on Wednesday get basement duty. Yeah, kidding…

3 responses to “Earn some PEMBAbucks by helping out with our PEMBAmoooove on 8/19!

  1. Seriously, where did you get the cow / jetboil picture? That’s fantastic!!!

  2. avatar David Sweeney

    The cow was originally Brad. He had a big zit on his forehead so I photoshopped it a little.

  3. Sara – the photo was taken by Heidi Wirtz on an expedition in Pakistan. We hooked her up with the stoves, and the pictures more than made up for it! Apparently the cows were all about inspecting the camp.

    David – just because your name isn’t on this post doesn’t keep the whole world from knowing you are responsible for this abominable pun. You’re really ‘milking’ this anonymity thing.