Sea to Summit new TravellingLight range spotted at ORSM’09

The Sea to Summit new TravellingLight range is a lightweight and stylish solution to luggage organization.

This comprehensive line up of travel accessories provides a convenient way to separately pack clothes, shoes, toiletries, documents and other travel essentials without taking up precious space or tipping the scales towards a hefty airline excess luggage fee.

Start with Less
Whether motivated by the convenience of carry-on, the desire to avoid baggage fees or lost luggage, or simply wanting bags to be easier to manage upon arrival at the destination, travelers today want less weight and less bulk. This doesn’t mean bringing less with you, it means using travel gear that weighs less and takes up less space. The new Sea to Summit Travelling Light range of travel products does just that.

Eighty percent of the products weigh less than 3 ounces!
Using premium Ultra-Sil ripstop fabric and other lightweight materials, the range weighs significantly less than any other competitor’s similar products, without compromising strength or durability.

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